About the MISUMI Website

MISUMI's Website is the online catalog for MISUMI products. Convenient features such as Product Search, Free CAD Download and Part List Generation will facilitate designers' work.

Product Search
You can search for products. Use various search modes, such as product name search, part number search, catalog page search, and spec search, to find the product you are looking for.
Part Number Generation / Price and Days to Ship
Part numbers will be generated by specifying dimensions and materials. Price and Days to ship can be also confirmed.
2D/3D CAD Download
CAD Data for generated part numbers can be download. 2D/3D CAD data are applicable to 30 or more formats.
Quote and Order
All the items checked with the eCatalog, you can quote and place an order through the Web Ordering System.
Web Ordering System(WOS)
The Web Order System (WOS) is Misumi's Next Generation Online Quote and Order Platform. It is the faster, easier, and reliable way of ordering for Misumi's Products.