Request a quote


1. Please Log in from the upper left-hand corner in Top page.
2. Click "Request Quote" in Left side or "Quote" in upper side.


1. Enter your reference number.
2. Enter an accounting or purchasing contact person.
3. Select a delivery address and enter contact person and department.
4. Enter MISUMI part number and required quantity. Optionally,you can add your job number.
5. Finalize input by clicking the "Continue"button.

1. As an alternative to manually entering you can upload an ASCII text file or copy and paste
from other applications like Excel or Word.
Please use the following buttons:
2. In case the form does not offer enough lines you can add up to 200 by selecting the required number:
3. In case you want to remove a line, please click the checkbox in front of the line and click the button

Confirmation of Quote Request

Display Quote (modify, delete, complete Quote)

"Show Details"opens the processed quote.

The following window shows the quote. Beside price per unit,
included volume discounts the quote includes estimated delivery times.

To modify or delete the quote, please use following buttons:

Download Quote, Add to Order Request

1.Click this button to bring you back to the Quote & order history.
2.Click this button to generate a PDF version of the quote for download or printing purposes.
3.Use this button to transfer the quote into an order request.