File Format List

Downloaded Data

Downloaded Data is compressed into a zip file.

Normal Data (Native Format)

PARTcommunity allows you to download native CAD and directly open the file in your CAD software without converting formats.

Normal Data (Intermediate Format)

You can use SAT, IGES, or STEP formats and convert formats after downloading.

Macro Data

For certain CAD formats, PARTcommunity creates a Macro file to download. Refer to the link below for instructions on how to execute the Macro.
Drag and drop the macro file into the CAD software.

Supported Formats

CAD type Corresponding CAD software name or file format name File extension Location of Pop-up Menu
3D native files Autodesk Inventor (2024、2023、2022、2021、2020、2019) .ipt 3D
CATIA (>=V5) .catpart 3D
CATIA Macro >=V5 .catscript 3D
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling (>=17.0) .lsp 3D
Creo Parametric (10、9、8、7、6、5) .prt.1 3D
NX (>=12、2206、1980、1953、1926、1899、1872、1847) .prt 3D
Solid Edge (2023、2022、2021、2020、2019) .par 3D
Solid Works Macro (>=2001+) .swb 3D
Solid Works (>=2015) .sldprt 3D
AutoCAD (>=V14) .dwg Other -> 3D
Autodesk Revit .rfa Other -> 3D
BeckerCAD .sat Other -> 3D
Caddy++ (SAT-V4.2) .sat Other -> 3D
CoCreate Modeling (>=2007) .lsp Other -> 3D
IFC(2×3) .ifc Other -> 3D
Microstation (3D) .dgn Other -> 3D
OBJ (WaveFront) .obj Other -> 3D
One Space Modeling (>=2007) .lsp Other -> 3D
PARTjava .zjv Other -> 3D
3D intermediate files IGES .igs 3D
Parasolid Binary (V15) .x_b 3D
Parasolid Text (V15) .x_t 3D
SAT (7) .sat 3D
STEP (AP203、AP214) .stp 3D
AutomationML .aml Other -> 3D
AVEVA E3D .mac Other -> 3D
Bricscad(via DWG) .dwg Other -> 3D
COLLADA .dae Other -> 3D
DWG>= 2013、2010-2012、2007-2009、2004-2006 .dwg Other -> 3D
DXF>= 2013、2010-2012、2007-2009、2004-2006 .dxf Other -> 3D
FBX(Filmbox) .fbx Other -> 3D
FBX with additional data .fbx; .json Other -> 3D
IFC4 .ifc Other -> 3D
JT .jt Other -> 3D
Mechanical Desktop (>=V5) .sat Other -> 3D
MegaCAD (SAT-V2.0) .sat Other -> 3D
Metafile 3D(PS3) (V2) .ps3 Other -> 3D
PDF(3D view) (7.01) .pdf Other -> 3D
PDF Datasheet .pdf Other -> 3D
PRO-Desktop .stp Other -> 3D
STL .stl Other -> 3D
Trimble Sketchup 2017 .skp Other -> 3D
VRML (>=V1.0) .wrl Other -> 3D
3D Studio MAX .3ds Other -> 3D
CAD type Corresponding CAD software name or file format name File extension Location of Pop-up Menu
2D native files Auto CAD Electrical .mdb Other -> 2D
HP ME 10 (>=V9) .mi Other -> 2D
NX .prt Other -> 2D
2D intermediate files Bill of material .xml Other -> 2D
Bill of material .json Other -> 2D
Capital .xml Other -> 2D
DWF (A5.5、B5.5、C5.5、A6.0、B6.0) .dwf 2D
DWG (>=2013、2010-2012、2007-2009、2004-2006) .dwg 2D
DXF (>=2013、2010-2012、2007-2009、2004-2006) .dxf 2D
HPGL (V2) .hgl Other -> 2D
Metafile 2D V1,2D(PS2) .ps2 Other -> 2D
MI (>=V8) .mi Other -> 2D
MicroStation DGN (>=V8) .dgn Other -> 2D
2D images / vector files, etc. Animated GIF(ANIMGIFFILE-640x480、640x480) .gif Other -> 2D
BMP 2D View、3D View .bmp Other -> 2D
JPEG 2D View、3D View .jpg Other -> 2D
SVG .svg Other -> 2D
TIFF 2D View .tif Other -> 2D

Trouble Shooting

Problem: Solidworks cannot read data downloaded in Solidworks data format.

Possible Solutions:

Please confirm the downloaded file extension first.
Extension .swb is the macro file for Solidworks.

For extensions other than .swb, please confirm download settings.

There are two procedures to read macro files as follow.


※1) Please drag a swb file and drop it on Solidworks.

  1. 1. Drag and drop it on the title bar of Solidworks. (Not on the window)
  2. 2. When you are asked where to save it, specify it and click OK.
  3. 3. Then models are automatically created.


※2)Select a function in the menu bar.

  1. 1. Tool/Macro/Run Command opens extension .swb files (Solidworks Visual Basic Program).
  2. 2. Select .swb files (SolidWorks Visual Basic Program) in the dialog box.
  3. 3. When you are asked where to save Solidworks files and specify it.
  4. 4. Models are automatically created.