Volume Discounts and Additional Processing Volume Discounts

Volume Discounts

Volume discounts are available for purchases of more than one standard product.
The discount varies depending on the product and the quantity. For details, see the page in the catalog for the product you wish to order.

Example: Volume discount for Block Punch (Standard press die components)

Quantity Discount rate
1 - 9 Unit price
10 - 29 5%
30 - 49 10%
50 - 100 15%
More than 100 To be quoted
  • * Volume discount price (rounded down to nearest yen)

Additional Processing Volume Discounts

Volume discounts also apply to additional processing charges.
(There are some cases in which discounts do not apply. See the product pages for details.)

Example: Additional processing volume discount

Order details: Part: SPDS10-70-P5.00-W3.00-PKC-KC45, Quantity: 10

Part SPDS10 15.84 X 0.95 =15.04
Additional processing PKC 4.00 X 0.95 =3.80
Additional processing KC 2.00 X 0.95 =1.90

Price: 20.74 USD$ (each) x 10 = 207.40 USD$ (rounded down to one cent)

Volume discounts do not apply if the charge for the additional processing is zero (free) or negative.