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Painting / Interior Supplies

Painting and interior supplies include containers for interior painting, paint pails and trays for color adjustment, paint rollers, caulking and sealing products. Paint brushes, spray guns, caulking spatulas, scrapers, protective sheet for painting are also categorized in this group. Ingredients used in paints are acrylic-based synthetic resin, urethane resin and fluorine-based. The materials of paint brush bristles are goat hair, hog bristle, nylon, plants (tampico), etc., while paint rollers use urethane, polyester, etc., for the roller material. Painting and interior supplies include matte-finish paints, weather- and rust-resistant paints which produce thick coating over the painted surfaces, gloss-finish paints with excellent light resistance and decorative color development, etc.; it is important to make the right selection of painting and interior supplies to suit the application.