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Compression Fittings(Thread Size 1:M12)

Compression fitting is the general term for a pipe used to indirectly help connect one part to another. Compression fittings also have names such as joints and connectors. They are used to connect pipes and hoses. There are types that enable single-action attachment of the fitting end. They are known by names such as quick couplings. Black screw-in fittings are often used in standard pipes. Stainless steel fittings are highly corrosion-resistant, suitable for outdoor use. Fittings with inserts improve part strength and durability. Besides stainless steel, compression fittings are made of materials such as brass and alloys (65% copper and 35% zinc). The right compression fitting for the application should be selected by considering factors such as material, shape and type.
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Connection Types
Thread-to-Tube Connection Shape
Tube-to-Tube Connection Shape
Thread-to-Tube Multipoint Connection Shape
Related Components, Shapes, Types
Surface Treatment
Thread Types
Thread Size 1
Tube Size 1
Tube Inner Dia.(mm)

    Quick Seal Series - Brass Nut

      Quick Seal Series Stainless Steel Nut




      Product Series

      Quick Seal Series - Brass Nut【1-20 Pieces Per Package】

      Quick Seal Series Stainless Steel Nut

      • 2D
      • 2D
      Days to Ship 7 Days or more 7 Days or more
      Connection TypesRelated ComponentsRelated Components
      Thread-to-Tube Connection Shape--
      Tube-to-Tube Connection Shape--
      Thread-to-Tube Multipoint Connection Shape--
      Related Components, Shapes, TypesNutsNuts
      MaterialCopperStainless Steel
      Surface TreatmentNot ProvidedNot Provided
      Thread TypesMM
      Thread Size 1M12M12
      Tube Size 17.94 ~ 87.94 ~ 8
      Tube Inner Dia.(mm)--


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