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Bench Grinders(Page37)

A bench grinder is a machine that performs various grinding and polishing processes by rotating an abrasive stone. Bench grinders include double-headed grinders, buff grinders, and belt grinders, which can be selected according to the application. Double-headed grinders use grinding wheels with different grit size on the left and right sides in order to work efficiently from rough grinding to finishing because the grinding wheels attached to both the left and right shafts rotate and grind. The buff grinder is used to rotate a polishing wheel made of cloth material, etc. to make the metal glossy, deburring of wood and synthetic resin, and surface processing. The belt grinder rotates an endless belt and performs grinding and polishing utilizing the characteristics of endless paper. In addition, if it is a bench grinder equipped with a dust collector, it is possible to remove dust generated by polishing by sucking into the device.
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